International Seminar of Early Buddhism

International Seminar of Early Buddhism

Group Session photo taken at the University of Sydney

Nuclear disarmement Public Debate

Nuclear disarmement Public Debate

Supported by Venerable Dr Professor Thich Minh Tam
Institute of Global Peace and Sustainable Governance, Sydney Australia and University of Sydney.

Court Judgement and Order – Báo Việt Luận Defamation Case

Court Judgement and Order

Court Judgement and Order in favor of Venerable Dr Professor Thich Minh Tam

Nuclear Disarmement Public Debate

Nuclear Disarmement Public Debate

supported by United Nations Association of Australia, International Buddhist Organization, Venerable Professor Dr Thich Minh Tam

Thich MInh Tâm and Defamation case








Court Judgement and Oder

Court Judgement and  Oder

Summary of Court Order

Bồ Đề Tâm

Bồ Đề Tâm


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